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Biocuration 2018 will bring together hundreds of leading curation scientists, bioinformaticians, and developers from all over the world to discuss their work, promote collaboration and foster a sense of community in this very active and growing area of research.

The local organizing committee is inviting proposals for workshops at Biocuration 2018. The purpose of a workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants from academia and industry to present and discuss novel ideas on current and emerging topics relevant to biocuration.  Workshops are an excellent forum for exploring emerging approaches and task areas, for bridging the gaps between the curation and technology subfields of biocuration, and for critiquing existing approaches. This is a great opportunity to discuss specific topics with so many colleagues and working scientists gathered in the same location.


For the best opportunity for consideration, proposals should be received by January 15,2018.  Please submit a short paragraph (or two) describing the following:

- Proposed scope and main objective, and their relation to biocuration
- Brief discussion of why the topic is of particular interest at this time
- Suggested format (talks, panel discussion, etc.)
- Potential speakers, panels, or other activities

Hope to see you in Shanghai!