Presentation Guideline

Providing your presentation

Please e-mail your presentation and video/audio files to before April 5 with the subject “Oral Presentation Files”.  Please do check your presentation is present before you speak by coming to the lectern during one of the break.

Naming presentations

Please follow the naming convention below for your presentation material:

  • Your submission number + Your name.ppt
  • Your submission number + Your name.pdf

Any video/audio files that might be used by the presentations must be placed in a folder with the accompanying PowerPoint/PDF file, and the folder itself named using the above format. Again these should be mailed to

Presentation requirements

Widescreen (16:9) and standard screen(4:3) format can be uesed to fit the screen in the conference room Presentation requuire

Your slides will be shown on a Thinkpad laptop, using the latest version of PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat

Please be wary of your font choices. If you construct your slides on a Linux or Mac machine, you should test playback on a Windows machine.

Workshop presenters/panelists

Each workshop panel will be 1.5 hour in length. The structure and organization of each workshop panel will be different, so it is critical for members of each panel to work together with the chairs to determine presentation format, time for each panel member, and order of presentation. Please contact the workshop chairs with any special requests or questions. Presentations materials (if required by the chairs) should be provided to the chairs prior to the workshop start.

Social media policy

The conference will run an open Social Media policy. So if you do not want any part of your presentation reported then please explicitly state that at the beginning of your talk or at the relevant time.

Poster presenters

All accepted abstracts for the conference (whether session talk or workshop) have also been accepted for poster presentations. If you are accepted for a talk or workshop, it is also expected that you will be presenting a poster on your submitted abstract.