Biocuration 2018!

More than 210 participants gathered in Shanghai for the 11th Biocuration Conference on 8-11 April, 2018:

Download the Group Photo and Photo of Best Poster Winners

The 12th International Biocuration Conference will be organized by the University of Cambridge and held on 7- 10 April, 2019 at Cambridge, England.

Best Poster Awards

Six poster presentations were awarded for the Best Poster Awards.

1st Prize: Aoife McMahon, The NHGRI-EBI Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) Catalog - imposing structure on unstructured data.
2nd Prize:

Tomasz Konopka, NetworkCurator – a platform for team-based creation and annotation of networks.

Joshua McMichael, CIViC 2.0: Refactoring the User Experience.

Wenming Zhao, GSA: Genome Sequence Archive

3rd Prize:

Lilly Winfree, Evaluating scientific data licensing with the (Re)usable Data Project.

Jie Zheng, Curation of clinical epidemiologic studies based on the EuPath application ontology for data integration, exploration and analysis.

Chen Shao, MBO: Molecular Biomarker Ontology.

Jiawei Cui, Research on Metadata Standards of Biomedical Data Repository.

Pre-conference Training

On April 8, we have arranged Pre-conference Training which was aimed at providing learning chance for PHD candidates. We hope you help us to call on students to participate in this sessions.

Registration Opens

The 11th Biocuration Conference now opens for Registration, please go to Registration for detailed information.

Keynote Talks

Cathy Wu from University of Delaware

Steven E. Brenner from University of California, Berkeley

Li JIN from Fudan University

Martin Romacker from  Roche Innovation Center Basel